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For the Love of Dolphins – Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique



DolphinCareAfrica t/a Dolphin Encountours Research Center is an association that was established in 1998 to fund the long term monitoring of cetaceans through educational and ethical marine mammal edu-tourism within the Ponta do Ouro Partial Marine Reserve.

Dolphin Center [Research]™ is the legal entity in Mozambique that trades under Dolphin Encountours Research Center.

We celebrate two decades of working with the wild Dolphins of Ponta™

Dolphin Encountour Rates 2020

* Full Dolphin Encountour 3 x 1,5hr launches, Dolphin Snorkel Course, Dolphin Tribe Tee-Shirt. Video’s of your encounter on-line. Cost: Mtn9000 / R2000 p/p

* Mini Dolphin Encountour 2 x 1,5hr launches OR 1 x 3hr launch. Cost: Mtn4725 / R1050 p/p

* 3hr Launch Casual Dolphin Whale Reef Encountour Cost: Mtn4725 / R1050 p/p (whales in winter / reef in summer)

* 1,5hr Launch Casual Dolphin Encountour. Cost: Mtn2450 / R550 p/p

* Dolphin snorkel course 1hr = Mtn1125 / R250 p/p

* Gear hire for 4 days = Mtn1125 / R250 p/p

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